Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May's Playlist on Channel 2 Pt. 2

Piers Faccini - The Taste Of Tears
A very nice song. I wished the album was better, but of course, this was the only good song.
Sean Lennon - Parachute
I was really surprised about this album. I loved it! It should be good because I think it took him 6 years to make it. Papa Lennon would be proud.
Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now (live at BBC Maida Vale)
This song is hilarious! Take notes, girls. "We will talk about war!" I love that line. Thanks to Mostyn for this one. The actual single is horrible. It sounds really cheezy and electronic. This live version really emphasizes the creepiness and the humor of the song.
The Amphetameanies - This Boy
I haven't heard a good new ska song for a long while. Now I have.
The Bicycles - Gotta Get Out
Another band from Canada. Aren't they all lately? The song is cute and will get stuck in your head. I like 5 songs on this debut album. If you like this song, I recommend this album.
The Fiery Furnaces - Benton Harbor Blues
I like 3 songs from this band and this is one of them.
The Good, The Bad & The Queen - History Song
Damon's other band. The best song from this album. Don't believe the hype. Mediocre.
The Maybellines - Quietly
A cute song from a cute band. The only song I like from this band.
The Perishers - Pills (Featuring Sarah McLachlan)
I prefer the original version of this great song but I figured people would get a kick out of Sarah's guest vocal on this live version.
The Tellers - Second Category
I thought this was sung by a girl. I was wrong. This is the best song from this album.
Tom Waits - Never Let Go
Every now and then Tom Waits comes out with a great song. This is one of them. This album
has a bunch of good songs but you have to weed through this 54 song collection.