Friday, May 11, 2007

May's Playlist on Channel 1 Pt. 2

12. Maria Taylor - Smile And Wave
Another wonderful song from her new album "Lynn Teeter Flower"
13. Moss - Me For You
A solid debut album of catchy tunes from a great new band.
14. Norah Jones - Little Moon
I just love her soulful voice.
15. Rubik - Bill Withers
An new Finnish indie band (following in the footsteps of Radiohead). This is the only song I like from their debut album. I love the driving melody but the lead singer's voice is too thin at times for this song.
16. Schwarz - Spit
The catchy guitar riff gets you hooked from the beginning and a couple of variations keep you entertained enough to the song's end. The other songs on the album, however, are not this interesting.
17. Shade - Forever
The only decent song on their second album. I have to check out their debut album because this band has potential.
18. The Apples In Stereo - 7 Stars
I had to re-evaluate my opinion of this album. I'm liking it now. Grab a copy of this album if you havent already. The distorted vocal on the chorus makes the song for me but the other vocal treatment really makes me sick.
19. The Broken West - You Can Build an Island
Another great debut album! This band from California have created an album of instant classics that would make any fan of melodic pop satisfied.
20. The Comas - New Wolf
It's a great song because it doesn't waste any time leading you to the catchy chorus.
21. The Eames Era - Last To Know
Just a fun song that will have you thinking happy thoughts.
22. The Sails - Let's Get Started
I was hoping to have hear more songs like this on their album. Sadly, this one was the only one. There is a part in the song that, to me, seems to be lifted from a Chris Bell song. The song rocks regardless.
23. Winterpills - June Eyes
A relaxing song. Nothing fancy.