Thursday, December 22, 2011

YouTube shut down my video channel because of the MTV Unplugged by The Cure. I have backups of everything but it will take time to get it up. Patience people.

Update: I did not save everything. Ugg. I did save the stuff that was important to me but I did post a bunch of videos that other people would appreciate. The biggest loss was the video of Billy Corgan interviewing Nick Cave. That video alone had 28,000 views and was quite funny. There were other stuff I'm sure that I can't remember. Oh well.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sugarcubes - Motorcrash (SNL 1988)

From Season 14, Episode 2 of Saturday Night Live which Aired: October 15, 1988
I remember this performance because my friend and I saw Bjork at the Jesus and Mary Chain concert the night before. The opening band that night was the Pixies. It was a great night!

Supergrass - St. Petersburg

From the album "Road to Rouen" released August 8th, 2005 (UK) and August 27th, 2005 (US).
This is a little bit better quality than the one on the Supergrass official.

The Replacements - Alex Chilton

From the album "Pleased to Meet Me" released in July 1987.
BTW Alex Chilton plays guitar on "Can't Hardly Wait" on that album. Damn this reminds me of high school.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Morrissey Interview (120 Minutes 1994)

Morrissey talks about how he is hyped and or promoted. This was on MTV's 120 minutes in 1994 right before the "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get" video.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cocteau Twins - Evangeline.mp4

I was surprised to find this on YouTube! I never knew they made a video for this song. The Cocteau Twins hold a special place in my heart and I saw them multiple times when they finally toured again in the 90's.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spacemen 3 - Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)

Spacemen 3 - Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here)
from the album "Recurring" released in February 1991
I can't find the edit/album version from the original release to sync this up so I had to use the audio from my recording. There is a little buzz here and there. I didn't like this song when it came out but it's growing on me while I'm working on it. I'm a huge fan of their earlier stuff, did that sound elitist?? I hope not, I mean I like Spaceman 3 when Peter and Jason are actually playing together. They only play on one track on this album.

Redd Kross - Lady In The Front Row and Jimmy's Fantasy (partial) on John...

Redd Kross perform "Lady In The Front Row" and "Jimmy's Fantasy" (partial) live on The John Stewart Show on MTV in 1994.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Sisters of Mercy (band members) Interview on 120 minutes (1991)

120 Minutes host, Dave Kendall, interviews The Sisters of Mercy band members: bassist Tony James (ex-Sigue Sigue Sputnik guitarist and Generation X bassist/songwriter) and guitarist Tim Bricheno (All About Eve).
Location: after their set at the KQ Birthday Bash, Arizona 1991

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live News (1984)

Eddie Murphy hosts Saturday Night Live on December 15th, 1984
He does a segment about Christmas toys on Saturday Night News with Christopher Guest.
My favorite SNL broadcast. It had it all.
I needed a good laugh today.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Shins - So Says I (Live on Kilborn 2003)

The Shins perform "So Says I" live on "The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn"
Airdate: Friday November 7, 2003
National television debut!
One of my top 10 songs from the last 10 years. A perfect song all the way through.

The White Stripes - Jolene (Live on Conan 2003)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pigface spotlight on MTV's 120 Minutes (1991)

MTV 120 Minutes spotlights Pigface on their tour. Some live performance are shown.
I'm pretty sure I saw them on this tour. I could be wrong.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kitchens of Distinction - Quick as Rainbows

"Quick as Rainbows" is from the album "Strange Free World" released on March 18, 1991.
I thought the sync was off but that's the way the video was released.

Frontline Assembly - Virus

Frontline Assembly - Virus 12" on Wax Trax! Records (WAX 9147) 1991

Depeche Mode - MTV 120 Minutes Naked Power Grab Contest

MTV 120 Minutes Naked Power Grab Contest
Win a chance to become president of Mute records for a week. (1991)
The winner is in this video

Depeche Mode - Get The Balance Right!

"Get the Balance Right!" single was released on January 31, 1983.
Released in the US on the compilation album "People are People" on July 2, 1984.
In the music video Wilder lip-syncs the first lines of the song, even though Dave Gahan should be singing it. The band were too afraid to tell the director that Gahan was the lead singer.[2] For some reason the director made the assumption that the singer was Wilder and they were too embarrassed to point out his mistake, the video remains this way today. The music video is not commercially available. (WIKI) After all my years listening to Depeche Mode, and this song being one of my favorites, I didn't know that.

Pop Will Eat Itself - There Is No Love Between Us Anymore

"There Is No Love Between Us Anymore" was released on the "Box Frenzy" album in 1987.
I missed the first 10 seconds of the video, but this is better than what is on YouTube at the moment.

Kitchens of Distinction - Drive that fast

"Drive that fast" is from the second album Strange Free World by British alternative rock/dream pop group Kitchens of Distinction, released on February 19, 1991
I missed a couple of seconds from the beginning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Replacements Interview (120 Minutes 1991)

Dave Kendall interviews Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg about their tour, videos and latest album on MTV's 120 Minutes.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cure - Lullaby (MTV Unplugged 1991)

Recorded 1/24/91 at London Limehouse TV Studios - London
World premiered March 3, 1991.
Outtake not aired in the original show. Aired on 120 Minutes later that night.
This is supposedly the first song they played in their set.

Daniel Ash Interview (120 Minutes 1991)

Daniel Ash Interview on MTV's 120 Minutes "X-Ray" segment (1991)
Daniel shares his love of motorcycles and talks about his new album "Coming Down" (1991)
Interviewed by Dave Kendall

Lush - De-Luxe (2nd Version )

This version was produced for the U.S. market.
Originally released on the Mad Love EP (released 26 February 1990)
Produced by Robin Guthrie
Engineered by Lincoln Fong and Robin Guthrie
Recorded at September Sound and The Church Studio, London, December 1989
Also from the album "Gala" released on November 13, 1990

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry, The Walk, and If Only Tonight We Could Sleep ...

Recorded 1/24/91 at London Limehouse TV Studios - London
World premiered March 3, 1991.
Set List:
01. Let's Go to Bed
02. Just Like Heaven
03. The Caterpillar
04. The Blood
05. Boys Don't Cry
06. The Walk
07. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

I might redo the first two and put them together.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Cure - Just Like Heaven (MTV Unplugged 1991)

2nd song, 5 more to go.
This songs shows some deterioration of the VHS tape.

The Cure - Let's Go To Bed (MTV Unplugged 1991)

Recorded 1/24/91 at London Limehouse TV Studios - London
World premiered March 3, 1991.
Set List:
01. Let's Go to Bed
02. Just Like Heaven
03. The Caterpillar
04. The Blood
05. Boys Don't Cry
06. The Walk
07. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Posting one or two a day this week.

Monday, June 13, 2011

David Bowie - Space Oddity (Original Version 1969)

I realized that all the versions of the "Love you till Tuesday" video are not great quality. That means I'm going to upload the rest of the videos this week.

I also found the Cure Unplugged on MTV 1991 and I can't believe that it's not on video yet. The videos out there are not as good so I'm going to upload those too. I'm going to slow down and post one video a day and write more about them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Redd Kross - Lady In The Front Row

From the album "Phaseshifter" released on October 5, 1993.
The video is a liitle wiggly due to the VHS tape I used. Damn, I love this song! The obvious Beatles influences are there in the video, especially in the vocals near the end. I tried to use a better audio source multiple times but it just didn't work and I don't know why. I just gave up and posted the original source audio.

Elastica - Stutter (original video)

This is the original version when the album was released. They made a better video when the album became popular.
The single was released November 1, 1993
Also from the album: "Elastica" released March 13, 1995
The beginning is cut, sorry! I tried to sync the album version but it doesn't sync which means that they played it live to make this video.

Update: YouTube muted the audio, I don't know why because there are other versions out there. Oh well.

David Bowie - Let Me Sleep Beside You

From "Love Me till Tuesday"
Love You till Tuesday was a promotional film designed to showcase the talents of David Bowie, made in 1969. The film was the latest attempt by his manager, Kenneth Pitt, to bring Bowie to a wider audience. (Wiki) I first heard this song on a bootleg compilation of David Bowie recordings at the BBC. The recording were officially released on the album Bowie at the Beeb released in 2000.

Suede (Brett Anderson) interviewed on MTV 1995

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Put A Lid On It (Live on Conan 1997)

The Cramps - Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs (live on MTV 1995)

The Cramps perform "Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs" live on MTV's 120 Minutes. From the album: Flamejob released on October 11, 1994
Poison Ivy and Lux Interior hosted the show that night.
I can't verify the year but I think it's 1995. I am a big fan of their earlier stuff, I didn't get into this era of their music. I saw the Cramps at the Ritz (Webster Hall) in 1989. It was probably the 3rd or 4th rock show I've ever seen and it was a blast. I remember throwing a wrapped BlowPop during the last show and Lux picked it up, unwrapped it and put it is his mouth as he left the stage.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Come On (Live on MTV 1994)

Blur - To The End (Acoustic) (Live on MTV 1994)

Blur perform an acoustic version of "To the End" live on MTV's 120 Minutes
Recorded: October 2,1994
The audio has some crackle from the deterioration of the VHS tape it's on. There was another version on YouTube but it sounded muddy. This one is better, even with the crackle. Does anyone have a better audio source?? Send me a message if you can help me.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Swervedriver Interview on MTV's 120 Minutes (1994)

Swervedriver is interviewed by Lewis Largent at the Live 105 "SchmoozeFest" in San Francisco. They are on tour to support their album "Mezcal Head" (1993)
Airdate: February 20, 1994
A pair of interviews for today. Enjoy!

Luna Interview on MTV's 120 Minutes (1994)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell (Live on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve...

Squirrel Nut Zippers perform "Hell" live on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 1998 (this was probably not recorded on New Years Eve)
From the album "Hot" released June 4, 1996.
What is up with Jimbo's solo?

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Put A Lid On It (Live on Dick Clark's New Year's ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Radiohead interview on MTV (1996)

Serena Altschul interviews Radiohead at the beginning of their spring tour at the Troubador in Los Angeles, CA (March 19, 1996) Clips of their live show inter-cut the interview.
Topics include: recording the Bends, discussing the "Just" video ending, playing live and recording their next album. Thom said it would take 3 years, it actually was released a year and 83 days later.

Superdrag - Sucked Out (Live on MTV 1996)

Superdrag perform "Sucked Out" live on MTV's 120 Minutes on July 6, 1996
"Sucked Out" was the first single from the album "Regretfully Yours" (released on March 26, 1996).
Who sucked the feeling?...Music Television

Monday, June 6, 2011

Radiohead - High and Dry (Live on MTV 1996)

Radiohead perform "High and Dry" live on MTV's 120 Minutes on March 17, 1996
"High and Dry" was the first single released from their second album, The Bends (released on March 13, 1995).
I didn't know this:
"High and Dry" was recorded during the Pablo Honey sessions but was dismissed by the band, who thought that it sounded like a Rod Stewart song.[1] However, during the sessions for The Bends it was rediscovered and remastered, as it was felt that it worked well with the rest of the album's content. The version that appears on the album is the original demo; it was never re-recorded. (from WIKI) It also says that Thom hated this song, go figure.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Foo Fighters - I'll Stick Around (Live at the Tibetan Freedom Concert 1997)

Foo Fighters perform "I'll Stick Around" at the Tibetan Freedom Concert June7th, 1997. This was televised on MTV and Matt Pinfield tags along with Dave and Taylor on some hijinks in the second part.
I've had trouble with this VHS tape and the video comes and goes, it was recorded almost 14 years to the day, so deterioration of this tape is expected.
This is the last one for the weekend.

Radiohead Interview on MTV at the Tibetan Freedom Concert (1997)

Radiohead is interviewed at the Tibetan Freedom Concert at Randall's Island NYC (on June 7 or 8th, 1997)
The beginning of this interview is missing, sorry.

Blur Interview on MTV at the Tibetan Freedom Concert (1997)

Blur is interviewed after their set at the Tibetan Freedom Concert at Randall's Island NYC (on June 7 or 8th, 1997)
After the interview I added Blur performing "Song 2" from that concert. I don't understand why, but the video is missing for a bit. You can still hear the audio, so I left it as is. I put other Blur performance bits at the end.
I was at this concert but I don't know which day.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Supergrass Interview on MTV's 120 Minutes (1997)

Matt Pinfield interviews the band about their new album.
Topics include: recording the album, relationships, playing covers, a possible collaboration with Steven Spielberg, and their opinions on Britpop.

Supergrass - Richard III

Supergrass - Cheapskate (with album audio)

Supergrass - Cheapskate
From the album "In It for the Money," the second album (1997)
The video version has an extended beginning so it obviously doesn't sync with the better album version I used.

Supergrass - Cheapskate

Cardigans on MTV's 120 Minutes (1996)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Cardigans - Lovefool (Live on MTV 1997)

The Cardigans play Lovefool on MTV's Definitely Daisy (1997) Hosted by Daisy Fuentes
I hope The Cardigans are making bank because of Justin Bieber

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Strokes - New York City Cops (Live on TOTP 2007)

The Strokes play "New York City Cops" on Top Of The Pops
Airdate: July 1, 2007
From the record "Is This It" July 30, 2001 (not on the CD release)
A newly recorded song, "When It Started", replaced "New York City Cops" on the CD version of the album after The Strokes witnessed the "valiant response" of the city's police department during the tragedy. (Wiki)
Not my rip. Thanks to the person who originally posted this on the interwebs.

I took a break from capturing my videos. I have amassed a large quantity of videos from other sources, so I'm posting those too if I can improve the quality of the videos already posted on YouTube.

The Cardigans - For What It's Worth (Live 2003)

"For What It's Worth" was the first single from the band's fifth studio album "Long Gone Before Daylight" 2003
From a live TV program in 2003
Another song from this session is here:
Not my rip.

B-52's - Rock Lobster (Early Live)

From the album "The B-52's" Released July 6, 1979
Not my rip. Thanks to whoever posted this on the interwebs.
This is a higher quality than the one that is posted already.

Radiohead - True Love Waits (Beacon theater 6-5-2003)

Radiohead - True Love Waits (Beacon theater 6-5-2003)
Different angle than is posted already.
Not my rip. Thanks to whoever posted it on the interwebs.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - I Keed (Live on Comedy Central)

Not my rip...uploaded it because I didn't see it on Youtube.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Blur Interview on MTV's 120 Minutes (1997)

Host Matt Pinfield interviews Blur about their new album "Blur" (1997)
The band appears very uninterested in this interview.

Electronic - Getting Away with It

From the single "Getting Away with It" (Released 1989)
On the album "Electronic" (Release date: May 1991)

Electronic were an alternative dance supergroup formed by New Order singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. (WIKI)

Bernard Sumner (Electronic) interview on 120 Minutes 1991

Dave Kendall interviews Bernard Sumner about his new band and self-titled album "Electronic" on MTV's 120 minutes (July 7, 1991)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blondie - (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear

Blondie : (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear
From the album "Plastic Lettters" 1978 on Chrysalis Records
This performance is from Top of The Pops, May 25th 1978.
I originally dubbed this from the "Best of Blondie" Laserdisc onto VHS
There is a very good HQ version of this song but it's cropped. The end of this clip ends abruptly because there isn't a gap in-between videos.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - Rise Up With Fists
From the album "Rabbit Fur Coat" (2006) (with The Watson Twins)

Not my rip. Ripped by RC, thanks! The only version on YouTube is cropped, this one isn't. It does have the annoying MTV banners

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Primal Scream - Movin' On Up (Live on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 2003)

Primal Scream - Movin' On Up performed on the BBC One chat show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (October 24, 2003)
Promoting their "Dirty Hits" greatest hits of their latter material.

Not my rip. Thanks to the original up-loader. I had a copy and didn't see it on youtube, so I posted it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fall - Cruiser's Creek (Complete version)

I uploaded this to Youtube yesterday. It was from a promo vhs tape I have. My vault of recorded goodies is now ready to be digitized with my new capture card. Get ready for some really rare stuff!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

33 1/3 Art Show

Illustrator, graphic designer Andrew Kolb reinturprets The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” cover art. One of a collection of artists included in the 33 1/3 Art Show.