Monday, June 6, 2011

Radiohead - High and Dry (Live on MTV 1996)

Radiohead perform "High and Dry" live on MTV's 120 Minutes on March 17, 1996
"High and Dry" was the first single released from their second album, The Bends (released on March 13, 1995).
I didn't know this:
"High and Dry" was recorded during the Pablo Honey sessions but was dismissed by the band, who thought that it sounded like a Rod Stewart song.[1] However, during the sessions for The Bends it was rediscovered and remastered, as it was felt that it worked well with the rest of the album's content. The version that appears on the album is the original demo; it was never re-recorded. (from WIKI) It also says that Thom hated this song, go figure.