Thursday, June 7, 2007

June's Playlist on Channel 2

Tilly And The Wall

1. Cerys Matthews - Blue Light Alarm
I love songs with bells, soft vocals, rising crescendos, and choral singing....hey this one has them all. Sweet!
2. Damien Rice - The Animals Were GoneHe's so depressing but I love it.
3. Depeche Mode - (Set Me Free) Remotivate MeA blast from the past. One of my girlfriends put this one on a mix-tape...ah memories. It brings me back to my high school years. It still hold up.
4. Erase Errata - Another Genius Idea From Our GovernmentGreat sound but not enough to recommend this album.
5. Imitation Electric Piano - Energy Is BeautifulI like this album. If you like this song. Buy the album.
6. Koop - Come To MeThe other song I like from this band. It has a cool retro sound. Remember most of the sounds are samples.
7. Love Is All - Turn The Radio OffOne of the best albums of 2006. It was in my top 5.
8. M Ward - Beautiful CarThere is always a gem on every one of his albums. I absolutely love his vocal style and his wonderful guitar sound.
9. Maria Taylor - Birmingham 1982Since I'm diggin' her latest album, I can't forget this and other gems from her other album.
10. Mazarin - For Energy InfiniteMy friend told me that this was in a Puma commercial. I never saw it but they picked a great song. This is what I saw on their website recently. "Mazarin is presently undergoing a transformation from it's former self... a transformation of name and direction. Details coming soon..." Interesting.
11. Of Montreal - Keep Sending Me Black FireworksThis is a great song, and it was a bonus track. This should have made a video for this song.
12. Piers Faccini - Walk Over To YouI have a thing with songs like these lately. I hope you do too.
13. Point Juncture, WA - Cardboard BoxI loved this song the instant I heard it. Do I like it better because the singer is playing drums? Bells!!
14. Quantic - Meet Me At The Pomegranate TreeI like the drum and bass sound but I haven't heard anything that I would like to hear again. This sound has a great soundscape so it's a keeper!
15. Rifles - Local BoyIt has a good melody. This is the only song I like from them.
16. Sean Lennon - TomorrowAnother good song from his last album.
17. The Concretes - SunbeamsA good way to start the summer.
18. The Pipettes - Pull ShapesOk, I admit it. I like this song. I know you do too.
19. Tilly And The Wall - Fell Down The Stairs2004's best album, in my opinion.
20. Neil Young - Only Love Can Break Your HeartWhat a classic!